World Book Blog Tour

Thank you, Elizabeth Van Liere (better known as Betty), for the opportunity to go on this blog tour. I had no idea what a blog tour was and how it worked, so thanks for a chance to see it firsthand.

Betty is a delightful “almost elderly” lady (she’s 90) whom I met at the Colorado Christian Writers’ Conference in Estes Park. Despite the high altitude in the Rocky Mountains, Betty attended for several years, learning, networking, and pitching just like us “young folks.” In 2011, her book “Dare to Live: Devotions for Those Over the Hill, not Under It!” was published. It’s a delightful collection of biblical insights specifically for other almost-elderly folks and in large print.

What am I working on?

My current work is Free to Be Fabulous from 40, 50, and Beyond: 100 Ways to Look and Feel Younger. I just sent my manuscript off to my publisher, Morgan James, and it should be released in early 2015, in time for Mother’s Day.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Most make-over books tell the reader how to changer her appearance. They give detailed instructions for hair, makeup, and clothes for a woman to look better. But that’s as far as they go – surface changes only.

Free to Be Fabulous from 40, 50, and Beyond is divided into four parts: Basics, Beauty, Beliefs, Body, and Behavior. Basics gives my story of how I became younger; Beauty is the usual, how to change the outside; Beliefs covers how and what you think; Body talks about keeping things inside running smoothly; and Behavior teaches how to interact with others. Using these suggestions, a woman can change herself from the outside in. Since it takes three weeks for a habit to become permanent, anyone can establish 17 new habits in a year, and become a new person by her next birthday.

Why do I write what I do?

As the Queen of Resilience, I’ve bounced back from so much. Beginning with a childhood of poverty, the fifth of six children, and abused by my father, I got lost in the middle – a lot. Being born in early December caused my birthday to be forgotten on more than one occasion. A 19-year marriage to a man who ultimately admitted he was gay, then a 13-year marriage to a wonderful man who died of cancer gave me every reason to be bitter.

I learned that what happens to me is not as important as how I react to it. All those rotten things and others could have turned me into an angry old woman. I saw others who held onto past hurts and let them fester, affecting their health and their faces. I didn’t want that, so I learned how to forgive and move on. And I’m convinced that anyone can do the same.

How does my writing process work?

I’m a plotter – in life and in my writing. I write all my ideas on little slips of paper and spread them out on my dining room table. Then, I sort them and move them around into groups so there’s a natural flow. Then, I fill in the paragraphs and write my book. Of course, it has to be edited and edited and edited again, so sometimes the topics get moved around even more.

One thing I insist on is that I write like I talk. In fact, the second-best compliment I ever receive is that someone felt that when they were reading my book, I was sitting next there and talking to them. (The best compliment is that my book changed their attitude or their life.)

Next stop on the World Blog Book Tour

I’ve been overwhelmed with landscaping my backyard, stripping and painting Adirondack chairs, and preparing to teach a writing workshop . As a result, I haven’t contacted anyone to continue the book tour. I’ll call some friends and post their names and book info here. Check back in a few days and I’m sure you’ll be delighted with their blogs.

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