Welcome to a Fabulous World!

Hello, all you fabulous ladies from 40, 50, and beyond! Hope you’re having as great a day as I am.

This is the first post on my new blog, where I plan to share some tidbits I’ve learned about looking, acting, and feeling younger. These are similar to ideas in my upcoming book, Free to Be Fabulous from Forty, Fifty, and Beyond: 100 Ways to Look, Act and Feel Younger.

Follow this blog as I help you take years off your appearance, attitude, and emotions. Choose which ideas you want to use, and discard the rest.

I’ll work hard to keep my posts short and sweet. and I promise not to have verbal diarrhea.

Enjoy your step-by-step journey to a more fabulous you! And feel free to add your comments to help all of us on this road NOT to get old!

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