Free to Be Fabulous in time for Mother’s Day!

I’m so excited I can’t sit still!

Fabulous Friends

12 of my Fabulous Friends!

Free to Be Fabulous: 100 Ways to Look and Feel Younger at 40, 50, and Beyond debuts on May 5, just in time for Mother’s Day. You’ll find ideas to improve your beauty, your body, your behavior, and your beliefs. Some are easy; others will take time. And Mom can find ideas too! Order your copy here on Amazon! Then, let me know what you think and what your favorite idea is. And you can tell Amazon and all your friends how you like it by writing a review. I’d really appreciate it! Thanks, and I hope you enjoy looking and feeling younger! Debb

Instant Facelift

Gravity is useful until it starts working on your face. You know – your eyebrows droop onto your eyelids, your cheeks start falling toward your neck, and the rings around your neck become ovals.

I recently met a doctor with a successful practice helping women tighten their skin and reduce wrinkles without plastic surgery. She charges hundreds and thousands of dollars for temporary improvement. Some procedures must be repeated on a regular basis. Too expensive and time-consuming for me!

There is one way to have a facelift without money, doctors, or recovery time: SMILE! A smile instantly raises your cheeks to get rid of your jowls. And smiling with your eyes gets rid of the droopy eyebrows.

Dr. Phil had a guest once who refused to smile because she felt it caused wrinkles. But the end result had the opposite effect: instead of looking younger, she looked old and cranky. Not a good outcome!

So if you want an instant facelift, use your face muscles. The exercise will improve your looks AND your outlook!