Instant Facelift

Gravity is useful until it starts working on your face. You know – your eyebrows droop onto your eyelids, your cheeks start falling toward your neck, and the rings around your neck become ovals.

I recently met a doctor with a successful practice helping women tighten their skin and reduce wrinkles without plastic surgery. She charges hundreds and thousands of dollars for temporary improvement. Some procedures must be repeated on a regular basis. Too expensive and time-consuming for me!

There is one way to have a facelift without money, doctors, or recovery time: SMILE! A smile instantly raises your cheeks to get rid of your jowls. And smiling with your eyes gets rid of the droopy eyebrows.

Dr. Phil had a guest once who refused to smile because she felt it caused wrinkles. But the end result had the opposite effect: instead of looking younger, she looked old and cranky. Not a good outcome!

So if you want an instant facelift, use your face muscles. The exercise will improve your looks AND your outlook!