Free to Be Fabulous in time for Mother’s Day!

I’m so excited I can’t sit still!

Fabulous Friends

12 of my Fabulous Friends!

Free to Be Fabulous: 100 Ways to Look and Feel Younger at 40, 50, and Beyond debuts on May 5, just in time for Mother’s Day. You’ll find ideas to improve your beauty, your body, your behavior, and your beliefs. Some are easy; others will take time. And Mom can find ideas too! Order your copy here on Amazon! Then, let me know what you think and what your favorite idea is. And you can tell Amazon and all your friends how you like it by writing a review. I’d really appreciate it! Thanks, and I hope you enjoy looking and feeling younger! Debb

Fabulous is an Attitude

I’m not a beauty, not by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve never turned heads by my looks when entering a room. Maybe I could with purple spiked hair, but not normally.

But I have turned heads. It’s my attitude. I walk like a queen, with my head held high, as though there’s a crown on my head and I expect people to admire me. And it works!

Try it. Look at yourself in a mirror and imagine a crown on your head. Then stretch your neck to hold the crown steady. Now walk with your head held high. You’ll be amazed at how people respond to you differently when you exude confidence.

Go for it. You’re fabulous!

Easiest Way to Be Fabulous

Are you having a fabulous day? I am, mostly because I decided I would.

The number one way to be fabulous is to have a positive attitude. That will transform into an attractive face, a friendly disposition, and a person others want to be around.

Life hasn’t been particularly good to me, but that doesn’t mean that I deserve a fulltime pity party. So I wake up every morning eager to see what today will bring, even if there’s nothing fun on the schedule. I learned long ago that if you live life looking only in the rear-view mirror, you’ll have some serious crashes that could have been prevented. I know lots of people who held onto grudges so much it showed on their faces. Not pretty!

Here’s a tip: just for today, make up your mind that you’re not going to allow a negative thought to hang around. They may pop up every once in a while, but that doesn’t mean you invite them in for an extended stay. Then, do it again tomorrow and the next day and the next. After a while, it’ll become second nature and you’ll be pleased with the way you are.

Stay positive and BE FABULOUS!