Debbie Hardy Speaks to Groups and the Media.  She has appeared on local, national and international radio and television shows and has spoken to various groups, including churches, retreats, women’s groups, professional caregivers, and Relays for Life with the American Cancer Society. She is also a teacher for writers’ conferences and a keynote speaker.

Humor is a large part of Debbie’s journey, which she shares freely with her audiences, helping them learn difficult lessons by laughing with her. She is transparent about life and the many problems she has faced, endearing her to listeners and friends. She shows that she’s just a normal woman who has learned how to be positive in a negative world.

Speaking Topics

Debbie speaks on various subjects, including:

  • How to Find More Time in Your Life and Space in Your House
  • You Can Be Fabulous From 40, 50, and Beyond
  • Turn Back the Clock By Releasing the Past
  • Spending Smarter for the Savvy Shopper
  • Stepping Through Crisis 101

Debbie speaks to groups of all sizes, feeling comfortable on stage for groups of a dozen or hundreds. Her experience in comedy, drama, vocal, and instrumental performing has helped her feel at home in front of an audience.

She is eager to be a trainer, workshop leader, or keynote speaker for your group.

Invite Debbie to Speak

Call Debbie Hardy at 303-587-0158 or e-mail her at debbie@debbiehardy.com.