Debbie Hardy is a well-known writer, author and editor. She is a conference instructor, teacher, writer, freelance editor, and beta reader.

Also active in several writers’ critique groups, Debbie leads one each week. Authors frequently ask for her expertise in reading, critiquing, and offering suggestions for their manuscripts. She knows the difference between good writing and great writing, and enjoys helping others to improve.

Since there is so much to the publishing industry, Debbie attends writers’ conferences and numerous online, in-person, and telephone classes and seminars. She continues to learn about the writing process, including publishing, marketing and many other steps involved.

Debbie Coaches on Being Fabulous

Debbie knows that being fabulous is a state of mind, one that anyone can adapt. Since reaching middle age, she has reinvented herself, managing to look, act, and feel younger than her real age. In fact, she often has to produce her driver’s license as proof. Knowing that anyone can be fabulous, she has mentored others as well, teaching them how to change from the inside out.

If you would like to learn how to be fabulous, contact Debbie for information on a mentoring program to help you become the best you can possibly be.

Contact Information

Call Debbie Hardy at 303-587-0158 or e-mail her at